10 Creative Options for Your 2020 Webinars

Mar 10, 2020 6:44:31 PM

Webinars are boring…until you think outside the box and utilize creative ideas to wake up the minds of your attendees. Pick one of these ten creative options to revitalize your webinars in 2020.

1.     Live Briefing

Conduct your webinar like a live briefing with an industry analyst. Your presentation and demonstration will be entirely yours, and the questions and comments of the analyst will provide third party validation that you wouldn’t normally have. This is perfect for a new product launch or major release.

2.     Breaking News

Set up a newsroom at your home office, bring in cameras, and do an ongoing series of webinars that look just like the 9:00 news. Make sure to include multiple perspectives in the newsroom. Most webinars don’t include any live broadcast, so the breaking news approach would be all about the broadcast.

3.     Compelling or Controversial Trends

Pick two or three trends in the industry that might be surprising to your audience and market your webinar based on these trends. Ideally, you will include “commercial teaching” that changes the way participants will think about your overall industry and specific solutions.

4.     Overcoming Challenges

Everyone is faced with some similar challenges in their everyday jobs. Chose 1-3 challenges and use a webinar to really drive these pain points home in personal ways. Then demonstrate tangible ways in which you can help them overcome these challenges.

5.     Conversational

With the right third-party expert and your own in-house industry guru it is possible to host a live conversation that everyone else will want to hear. Suddenly eavesdropping is allowed. Midway through the event, open the conversation to others and let them contribute, as well.

6.     ROI-Centric

Host a webinar that is focused 100% on the measurable value that is being created by your solution. It is possible to look inwardly at your product to identify time saved, cost saved, or resources saved, or to look more outwardly at customers evaluating savings, potential revenue generated, or innovation enabled by your technology.

7.     Storytelling

Great storytelling is a lost art. Why not set up the webinar by building some anticipation, developing characters (user roles or buyer roles), bringing in some unexpected events, driving it all to a climax, and ending unexpectedly?

8.     Demo and Commentary

Some of the best and most reusable webinars are demonstrations of your product. That demonstration can be brought to life and validated by a third-party engagement, expertise, and commentary added to the demo.

9.     Whiteboard

Create a whiteboard session presented by your in-house expert and a third-party industry analyst. Just imagine what might take place if both presenters were sitting in a conference room, alternately going to the whiteboard to make the presentation exciting.

10. Panel Discussion

Invite an industry expert to host a panel discussion with a combination of your customers and in-house experts. Direct the panel based on some predefined questions leading toward one of your solution areas. A panel discussion also works well with partners providing coverage for a solution that is even more complete than your own.

John Santaferraro

Written by John Santaferraro

John is the research director for analytics, business intelligence, and data management at EMA. His 23 years of experience in the data and analytics market span everything from startups to executive positions at Fortune 50 companies. His deep understanding of the industry comes from years of leadership in product and marketing organizations, along with multiple big data imagineering efforts for finance, communications, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, events, oil and gas, and utilities. John's coverage area also includes data integration, data discovery, metadata management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, and innovation.

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