IT Point Products DO NOT Support Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), So Stop Calling Them That!

By Steve Brasen on Dec 12, 2012 9:33:49 AM

Nothing drives an IT industry analyst more nuts then when a term is repeatedly misused for marketing purposes. DCIM certainly falls into this category. In the recently release EMA Radar Report on Data Center Infrastructure Management, we looked at hundreds of products claiming to be DCIM solutions, but identified only ten (that’s right … 10!) that could reasonably lay claim to that distinction.

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Choosing a Client Lifecycle Management Solution

By Steve Brasen on Jan 9, 2012 11:16:50 AM

Desktop PCs and laptops are the backbone of business profitability.  Yes, yes … I know … last week I raved about the rising mobile device revolution – but that transition is still a few years off.  Today the PC desktop remains king in enabling enterprise workforce productivity, and, in fact, organizational success and ongoing profitability is tied at the hip to desktop and laptop performance in most modern enterprises.  Unfortunately, management of these endpoints persists in being a nightmare to perform.  Consider your own home PC environment – how much time do you spend on installations, patch updates, and performance improvements, not to mention repairs from system crashes, malware intrusion, and software incompatibilities.  Now extend these challenges to hundreds or thousands or even millions of endpoints, and you get some sense of the daunting task facing IT managers.

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The Virtues of a Living Conversation Versus one Frozen in Stone

By Dennis Drogseth on Apr 14, 2011 7:56:54 AM

EMA consulting once did an analysis of why strategic service management initiatives fail.  These ranged from cross-domain performance management initiatives, to configuration management initiatives with CMDB/CMS enabling foundations,  to company-wide asset management initiatives to name a few.    Of the top ten reasons for failure, only the bottom two (Integration and Discovery) were technology-related.    Three of [...]

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What is Service-centric Asset Management and Why Should you Care?

By Dennis Drogseth on Mar 3, 2011 9:59:12 AM

EMA has been both predicting and advocating a more service-centric model for asset optimization and planning for nearly a decade. This is also, in itself, not a new idea with EMA either. The telecommunications industry and best practices such as the Telecommunication Management Forum’s eTOM guidelines support the logically obvious assumption that if a technology [...]

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