The CMDB/CMS Market in Transition

By Dennis Drogseth on Feb 9, 2012 10:49:26 AM

On the one hand, many in the industry have begun todismiss the CMDB as well past its prime, at least in terms of industry hype and attention. For this rather significant population, the CMDB has evolved into a complex and demanding data store with tangible but difficult-to-justify benefits, with questionable relationships to cloud computing and [...]

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CMDB Systems: the Quiet Revolution

By Dennis Drogseth on Jun 27, 2011 1:41:29 PM

The notion that the CMDB is now entering a “mature” phase
is naïve, and in many respects refuted by the high levels of innovation
attested to here. We are admittedly looking at toddlers learning
to walk, but what a transformation they may bring to the market, and to our
whole view of service management, as they take their first few steps!!

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