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Jan 13, 2012 1:03:31 PM

In-Memory and Mobile Drive SAP

Today, SAP announced their revenues for 2011.  It was a record year in many respects.  In particular, SAP touted growth for their in-memory database HANA and their Mobile Solutions growth – two components I consider important for the development of an organizations Mobile BI capabilities.  Both exceeded expectations.

Speed of Analytics

From my perspective, I see the exceeding of expectations for HANA to be notable.  SAP has put a great deal of emphasis on the HANA platform in the past year.  In December, they announced a slew of partner and customer successes relating to the platform.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Jive
  • Tableau
  • TMobile

Strong Foundation

Also interesting was the growth of the Mobile Solutions platform revenue.  While not strictly a Mobile BI revenue stream, the Mobile Solutions revenue shows the maturity of both the SAP product set and the market place for mobile solutions that require a stronger foundational framework than the standard development, security and management requirements of Angry Birds ( apologies to the boyz at Rovio… ).

Pushing to the Edge

Both of these results show me that SAP isn’t just issuing press releases about their investment in Mobile BI infrastructures.  But rather SAP is putting in the necessary effort to have sustainable and robust components to support the push of enterprise business intelligence to the mobile device.  Couple this with the speed of in-memory analytics and you have a powerful combination of to push BI to the “edge” of a wider distribution.

How do you view the 2011 success of SAP’s in-memory and mobile infrastructure initiatives?

Post your thoughts below and/or reach out via twitter at @JohnLMyers44

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