Is there a NoSQL Identity Crisis

Feb 28, 2012 2:55:10 PM

As Big Data initiatives mature into enterprise data sources supported by NoSQL products for analytics and operational systems, a clash of cultures is on the horizon (if not here already). Traditional IT implementations teams and their top-down programs rarely see eye to eye with the grass roots culture of NoSQL platform operators. But this divide is not merely between the camps of Big Data/NoSQL and traditional IT implementation teams. This is just the tip of the iceberg…. The divide becomes much more pronounced when you take the discussion to the executive suite. CMOs and CFOs, who “own” results of analytical and operational systems, are less concerned with data center standards and development methodologies as they time to value. CIOs and CTOs, responsible for implementing the connectivity and integration between NoSQL platforms and the rest of the traditional IT environment, are facing pressures to avoid chasing the latest technology fad(s).

Maturing NoSQL Product Features

However, it seems that at least for now, the NoSQL vendors are trying to avoid a head-to-head battle between business and IT by making their product offerings more “compliant” with existing IT standards and integration stacks. Here are some examples:

  • Traditional RDBMS or Analytical players integrating NoSQL (read unstructured) data access into their existing SQL structures to utilize existing connectivity infrastructures
  • Rising importance of ACID database characteristics
  • Development of management consoles to remove the “manual” aspects of NoSQL management. The interfaces on these management consoles are looking more like what existing DBAs expect from traditional RDBMS management features.

Are NoSQL platforms losing their “developer” identity and becoming traditional RDBMS but with a different data storage layer?


Are NoSQL platforms maturing to meet the needs of IT department data management standards?

Post your comments below or ping me via twitter ( @JohnLMyers44 ) me directly.

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