Digital Marketing - Find the Right Media to Create a Dialogue

Apr 22, 2020 2:21:33 PM

Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate

We are a multi-media generation that offers unlimited media choices to information consumers. Buyers can choose from mobile apps, videos, websites, podcasts, or printed media. They consume infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, slide shares, webinars, interactive sites, and e-learning systems. They can find their media via search, social streams, mashups, or journalistic consolidation sites.

Everyone has preferences and unique ways of consuming different kinds of materials. Some people may use video to learn new things or just to laugh. That same person might download or print materials when they are making decisions. The more marketing can feed the different channels and determine channel preference, the more effective they will be in moving people through their pipelines. Unfortunately, feeding the digital marketing machine can be extremely expensive, resource intensive, and time-consuming.

Innovative marketers are working with EMA to produce a digital syndication model to overcome the challenge of content creation. Marketers have always thought of syndication as a means of getting their premium content spread throughout different media channels. Alternatively, digital syndication uses premium content to create multiple micro-assets. Each micro-asset is used in different digital channels to point back to the premium piece. Most micro-assets tell a small part of the story, so they are used to point back to the gated, premium asset. Or, in some cases (like webinars), the full set of premium content is used in another medium.

For example, when I write a white paper or eBook at EMA, I am always thinking of reuse and micro-assets. I write each section of a major piece so that it fits into the whole and so that it can stand alone. When we create content in this modular fashion, it is possible to take a high-value, premium asset and break it into pieces. Each of those pieces can be used to create different kinds of media, such as creative videos, talking head videos, podcasts, webinars, slide shares, whiteboards, infographics, memes, or blog posts.

Digital Syndication Model

As you can see in the digital syndication model, it is possible to use one piece of premium content to create as many as 27 different micro-assets. At EMA, we are experts at writing thought leadership, positioning, and research-backed premium content. We also have creative capabilities or creative direction, or you are free to use the content to implement your own digital syndication model. Let’s get going on your next purpose-built premium asset today!


John Santaferraro

Written by John Santaferraro

John is the research director for analytics, business intelligence, and data management at EMA. His 23 years of experience in the data and analytics market span everything from startups to executive positions at Fortune 50 companies. His deep understanding of the industry comes from years of leadership in product and marketing organizations, along with multiple big data imagineering efforts for finance, communications, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, events, oil and gas, and utilities. John's coverage area also includes data integration, data discovery, metadata management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, and innovation.

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