Dynatrace Perform 2024: Making Waves While Navigating the Future of Cloud Innovation

Mar 15, 2024 3:19:56 PM

The Dynatrace Perform 2024 conference delivered a plethora of insights and forward-looking perspectives this month. Throughout the conference, the event encompassed keynotes, breakout sessions, customer panels, and hands-on training, offering a holistic view of the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry. The overarching theme, "Make Waves," encapsulates the imperative for transformation and disruption in the tech industry. It underscores the need to drive substantial change and progress amidst evolving trends.

Not surprisingly, AI took center stage as the growth in generative AI market adoption was highlighted, with 50% of companies now implementing at least one AI use case. In response to this growth, Dynatrace announced AI Observability, empowering organizations to better understand what their own AI models are doing under the hood. However, several additional trends emerged during the conference, including focus on cloud modernization and digital transformation, enhancing digital user experiences while reducing costs and complexity of cloud environments. Of course, while these trends are driving business transformation, this transformation must occur in a secure manner, protecting against digital threats and identifying anomalies that may be a risk to not only performance, but privacy and security.

Observability was underscored as mission-critical alongside application security. It was no longer optional for businesses to succeed and lead; they need observability across their digital footprint, forming the core of any digital transformation strategy. Utilizing observability across an organization’s technology stack provides not only performance and availability insights, but critical data which can also be leveraged in application security and even user experience analytics. From an analyst’s perspective, it’s encouraging to see this evolution of observability to include security, especially when availability is after all a critical part of the security “confidentiality, integrity, and availability” triad. Additional conference highlights included exploring the organizational mindset shift for empowering business transformation, the challenges of the modern cloud and the need for automated observability and application security, and delving into ways organizations can optimize costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, the conference truly lived up to its theme of “making waves” and included some real wave-making technology announcements.

The conference concluded on a spectacular high note with a fireside chat featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy, covering topics from the future of life in the solar system to the role of AI in our lives. The discussion also emphasized the need for scientifically literate lawmakers to regulate AI effectively, and how we in the IT industry should try to help guide these lawmakers in crafting these regulations.

Perform 2024 provided a comprehensive overview of the future of the cloud-focused technology landscape, emphasizing the importance of cloud modernization, AI integration, and the critical role of observability and security. The conference truly set the stage for businesses to make their own waves of transformation in the years to come. 

Read more information about EMA’s analysis of Dynatrace’s AI Observability announcement in our impact brief.

Ken Buckler

Written by Ken Buckler

Kenneth Buckler, CASP, is a research analyst of information security/risk and compliance management for Enterprise Management Associates, a leading industry analyst and consulting firm that provides deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. Before EMA, he supported a Federal agency’s Enterprise Visibility program, providing security insights and compliance trending for the agency’s national network of computers and devices. He has also served in technical hands-on roles across multiple agencies in the Federal cyber security space and has published three Cyber Security books. Ken holds multiple technical certifications, including CompTIA’s Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification.

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