PODCAST: Discussing Big Data, Integration and Security

Jan 5, 2017 9:03:34 AM


In mid-November, I had the opportunity to chat with Informatica‘s Murthy Mathiprakasam – Product Marketing Manager – about the practices of big data, data management and integration.

Listen to segment #1 (approx 10mins)

To start our conversation, we discussed differences in implementing big data projects around

  • Manual implementation vs. automation in big data applications
  • Explosion of complexity associated with big data implementations
  • Big data skills gap
  • Data quality has different meanings for sensor data and other big data types

Listen to segment #2 (approx 9 mins)

In the next segment, Murthy and I chatted about

  • Speed of data intake
  • Speed of data classification and self-service data preparation
  • Need for specialized development resources
  • Long term maintenance/agility of big data environments

Listen to segment #3 (approx 6 mins)

Next, we discussed the trials and tribulations of data governance associated with the data swamp… errr… data lake

  • Dispersion of data across multiple environments such as Hadoop
  • Format of multi-structured data in Hadoop
  • Impact of regulations and regulatory frameworks on data governance across multiple industries

Listen to segment #4 (approx 6 mins)

In our next segment,  Murthy and I discussed the issues associated with security and privacy associated with big data.

Listen to segment #5 (approx 6 mins)

Finally I asked Murthy if Informatica customers view big data as an asset or a liability?

  • Embracing the challenge of big data?
  • Fearing the change to a new data management paradigm?
  • Is it a mix of both?

Listen to the entire podcast (approx 34mins)

John Myers

Written by John Myers

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