An Easy Button for Serverless Functions: Back& Turns Average Joe Developer into Serverless Super Hero

May 17, 2017 10:36:52 AM

Backand provides a simplification layer that makes serverless functions approachable for the average Joe developer

Seems like everyone likes to advertise their Easy Buttons (Staples was on to something), but there’s a startup called Back& (Backand) that really has a strong claim to this analogy. These guys created their Easy Button for serverless functions and if you are running one or more development teams, you know how badly needed this is. Even adventurous development leads are focused on getting the job done and without AWS Lambda debugging capabilities in your local SDK, developers will lose productivity and often refuse to take the initial risk of trying server less functions.

Make Lambda Stateful, where Needed
In summary, Back& enables dev teams to develop in Lambda the way they are used to from their traditional environments, by enabling stateful development capabilities for the stateless Lambda. Now coders can reuse authentication scripts for external API connections, store information in any MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle or JSON data source (hosted on RDS), leverage social login or email verification, and centrally add RBAC to their functions.

IDE Integration for Local Testing and Debugging
Devs can use their favorite IDE, such as PyCharm for debugging and testing. PyCharm fans (ok, I admit, I am one of them), for example, can just use their beloved Unitest Suite. The ability to trace input and output variables alone is critical for most developers.

Joint CLI
A CLI to manage and connect all Lambda functions via centralized scripts let's you treat multiple Lambda functions as one app, using joint authentication scripts for external APIs. The joint CLI also allows the integration of Lambda functions with local CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, to make Lambda part of DevOps.

Backand Integrations with Salesforce, Twilio, GitHub, Twitter, S3, PayPal
Back& offers canned integrations with numerous popular apps, tools and development frameworks such as Ionic, Node.js, SedGrid, Paypal, S3, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Everyone who has wasted a ton of time on figuring out the intricacies of these individual APIs will greatly appreciate being able to now access them easily via the Back& library.

In short, Back& is a startup aimed at taking away the arguments of developers still resisting to leverage serverless functions. It actually adds to the Lambda use cases by enabling statefull software development, which should make it the go to tool for every development lead, manager, director or VP who wants to benefit from the instantly available and infinitesimally scalable Lambda service. In other word, Back& could be the Archeopteryx (missing link) between traditional app dev and developing serverless functions. That said, I'd expect Amazon to be all over this.

Torsten Volk

Written by Torsten Volk

With over 15 years of enterprise IT experience, including a two-and-a-half-year stint leading ASG Technologies' cloud business unit, Torsten returns to EMA to help end users and vendors leverage the opportunities presented by today's hybrid cloud and software-defined infrastructure environments in combination with advanced machine learning. Torsten specializes in topics that lead the way from hybrid cloud and the software-defined data center (SDDC) toward a business-defined concept of enterprise IT. Torsten spearheads research projects on hybrid cloud and machine learning combined with an application- and service-centric approach to hyperconverged infrastructure, capacity planning, intelligent workload placement, public cloud, open source frameworks, containers and hyperscale computing.

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